Bryn Mawr College Emergency Medical Services (BMCEMS) was formally founded in the fall of 2016 but a Bi-College Emergency Medical Services (EMS) club run by Lauren Sauers BMC'17 had existed since the spring of 2014. All in all, the program as it is today was an extensive two year long process driven by Lauren Sauers and Sarah Awad BMC'17 that consisted of many long nights writing detailed proposals, standard operating guidelines, protocols, and budgets. Two years, a thousand meetings, and four logos later, BMCEMS hit the ground running in January 2017 with 10 total EMTs, 8 of which were newly certified underclassmen at Bryn Mawr and Haverford College.


The program received a generous amount of start-up funds from Bryn Mawr's new Dean of the College, Jennifer Walters, which allowed the program to purchase important equipment and uniforms for members. The program was also made possible by the incredibly generous assistance of Narberth Ambulance, the local 911 ambulance provider where both

Lauren Sauers and Sarah Awad volunteer. A joint-venture between the College and Narberth was established in which all BMCEMS members are volunteer members of Narberth Ambulance. As members of Narberth, BMCEMS members undergo the full BLS training at the ambulance in addition to training on the college campus, remaining members at Narberth after training is completed. While the training for the BMCEMS program may be more rigorous than most collegiate EMS programs, we take pride in knowing that all of our EMTs are trained and held to the highest standards of emergency medical care.


This unique partnership with Narberth Ambulance is more than ideal and we are truly thankful for the opportunity to have our on-campus providers experience EMS with a prestigious 911 ambulance provider. Very few collegiate EMS programs have this opportunity available to their providers and we are extremely fortunate to have such an incredible resource available to us at Bryn Mawr College. 

About Us

The BMCEMS Program wants to extend a special thanks to all of those who eagerly helped us along the way:

Dean Jennifer Walters

CFO Kari Fazio

Lil Burroughs, Tom King

Dan Shappell, Jerry Fayette and all of Campus Safety

Denise Hurley

Assistant Provost Erin Walsh

Mary Beth Horvath and Angie Sheets

2016 SGA Executive Board

President Kim Cassidy

Narberth Ambulance Executive Director Al Davey

Narberth Ambulance Chief Chris Flanagan

All the Officers and Career Staff at Narberth Ambulance

Dave Zazlow and Joshua Marks

Ben Usatch and George Koeing

Pat Glynn and Matt Scanlon

Villanova Emergency Medical Services

Muhlenberg, Ursinus, Temple, Drexel, and UPenn EMS

Narberth Ambulance Board of Directors