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Apparatus and Equipment

QRS Bike Team

BMCEMS currently responds to calls using bicycles outfitted as "quick response" vehicles. The program is not yet licensed by the state of PA as a Quick Response Service (QRS) but we hope apply for licensure in the near future. A Quick Response Service is an EMS agency that responds to calls for EMS and provides services before an ambulance arrives, if needed. Our program meets the QRS standards for staffing and we carry all the equipment required by 44 Pennsylvania B. Code § 4259.

Responding to campus emergencies on bikes is convenient and relatively easy for our members. On our bikes we have two bags; a backpack with the majority of our supplies and a single pannier over the back tire.


The pannier contains:

  • Oxygen cylinder

  • Oxygen administration supplies

  • Airway supplies


The backpack contains:

  • All primary supplies, (i.e. general first aid, trauma dressings)

  • Gloves and PPE equipment

  • BP cuff and stethoscope 

  • Pulse Ox

  • Emesis (vomit) bags

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