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Tips for getting an EMT Certification

Getting an EMT certification is a big commitment (see What's An EMT? if you have questions about what a certification entails), but if you're ready to make the leap, here are are tips on finding a certification course.


What certification am I getting?

You may notice that there are different levels of EMTs and typically more than one kind of course listed. A general EMT course is called an EMT-Basic course. Basic Life Support or BLS is another key word for EMT related courses. Make sure the course you take is specifically a "certification" course.


Where do you want to get certified?

Most EMT certifications are given by the state in which you take the course, but BMCEMS will help you apply for PA reciprocity if you join our program. So while it is easier to take a course in Pennsylvania if you plan to work as an EMT here, you can take a course in any state depending on what is convenient for you. It's often easier for college students to get certified over the summer, in addition to being more financially feasible to find a summer course close to your hometown.


What's your budget?

In general, EMT courses can cost anywhere from  $400 to $3,000 depending on where you are in the country. The most expensive ones may be better quality but every course will teach you what you need to know to get certified. Community colleges are an excellent place to look for high-quality, low-cost programs.


What kind of places offer EMT certification courses?

The best places to look are county/municipal training centers, community colleges, universities, or private training centers. 

Places that offer courses near Bryn Mawr College:

Twin Valley EMT Training Center (Villanova University)

Good Fellowship Ambulance

To search for certification courses in PA:

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