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  • How do I contact BMCEMS?
    Any medically related call that comes into Campus Safety will dispatch BMCEMS with a Campus Safety officer when we are in service.
  • How do I know if it's an emergency?
    A medical emergency is constituted when someone's life or overall health is endangered by an injury, illness, or condition. For more information about how to recognize a medical emergency, click here.
  • When is BMCEMS available?
    For Fall 2023, BMCEMS will only be in service for special events. Our status is displayed at the top of our website and all DLT will be notified via email when we are running shifts. Eventually, BMCEMS will be in service on Friday and Saturday nights 10pm-3am. As the program grows, we will be available more nights of the week. Within a few years, we hope to cover all the hours during which the Health Center is closed.
  • Is BMCEMS confidential?
    Yes. Members hold to high standards of confidentiality and privacy in accordance with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, a federal law that forbids the release of a patent’s personal information). Violation of HIPPA results in large fines, dismissal, loss of one’s certification, and potentially the inability to work in healthcare. Members are not permitted to initiate conversations with prior patients about the care they received or to reveal any information about on campus calls including the location (e.g., dorm) or nature of the call.
  • What if BMCEMS comes and I don’t want them to treat me?
    If a student does not want assistance or feels uncomfortable for any reason, they have every right to refuse care by signing a waiver when they are conscious, alert, and oriented. If a student is unconscious, experiencing a serious medical condition, or otherwise incapacitated, it is implied that they need immediate medical assistance and BMCEMS will render care accordingly.
  • Can I receive continuing care from BMCEMS?
    All follow-up care should be sought through the Health Center during their regular hours (9am-7pm Monday and Thursday, 9am-5pm Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday).
  • Does BMCEMS charge for services?
    No. If BMCEMS responds to a call and a student is concerned about the costs of seeking further medical care, our personnel will help them navigate their options to determine the most appropriate and accessible route of care.
  • I know someone who has concerns about BMCEMS. What should they do?
    We encourage comments, concerns, and criticism because we exist solely to serve the Bryn Mawr community and we need feedback in order to do so adequately. Please refer any comments or concerns to the Bi-Co Director of Campus Safety Lil Burroughs at, or speak to your academic Dean if you are uncomfortable reporting to Campus Safety.
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