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Regular Service

BMCEMS runs regular shifts on Fridays 10pm to 3am. We provide rapid responses to medical emergencies on campus, treating our patients with the utmost professionalism and highest quality care.

Each shift is staffed by 2 Pennsylvania state-certified EMTs.​​ BMCEMS works with and is dispatched by Campus Safety. A Campus Safety officer is always on scene with BMCEMS. BMCEMS supplements emergency services provided by Narberth Ambulance and the Lower Merion Police Department (LMPD).

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Community trainings, outreach, and events

​​In addition to our medical services, BMCEMS offers training in the form of our training corps and trainings open to the campus community. Our training corps is designed to allow potential members to explore EMS and decide if it's right for them. We also offer CPR classes, Narcan classes, and other community events with the goal of increasing transparency in EMS and empowering our community with knowledge that can make the difference between life and death in an emergency.


Special Event Service

BMCEMS runs additional shifts for special campus events such as Lantern Night, Radnorween, May Day, athletic events, and more.

Request a Standby

If you would like to request medical coverage for your event, please contact us at

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