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Application Related FAQs

Can I apply if I'm a Haverford Student? 

Yes! Bryn Mawr EMS is a bi-co club and accepts Haverford students. 

Can I volunteer with BMCEMS if I'm not state certified? 

Absolutely! If you have passed the NREMT, you are ready to start volunteering with BMCEMS. Later on, we will help you apply for state certification or reciprocity. 

What kind of time commitment can I expect? 

BMCEMS requires a minimum of 12 hours a month at Narberth ambulance, and an additional 12 hours at Bryn Mawr College. This averages out to about 6 hours per week.

What is the application process? 

First, submit an application to, or directly to a member of the leadership team. After that, there are three parts to the application: An interview at Bryn Mawr College with the BMCEMS leadership team, a ride along, and finally an interview at Narberth ambulance. If all that goes well, you can start volunteering with BMCEMS! 

When is the application season? 

We accept members all year around! Usually, we accept the majority of our members in the fall, as most of our members complete their certification either during the spring semester or over the summer. However, we are always accepting new applicants! 

I want to apply! Where can I find an application?  

See our application page for the form. Once you've completed it, please scan it and email it to, or directly to a member of the leadership team. 

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